Terms of Service

Role Play Escape is a social network dedicated to writing and role playing. In order to have a profile here we ask that you read this TOS : Terms of Service and abide by what is written here.

Terms of Service ( TOS ):


You must be 18 years old to have a profile here and your profile character must be at least 18 years of old.

No children or under age profiles will be allowed for erotic role play. Child profiles that are part of a family that grow up are considered okay.

Do not delete the Admin / Owner page:

All profiles must have this Admin and Owner in their friends list. This is for a reason. If you have any concerns, comments, or suggestions for the site you will not be able to get a hold of me. And also if there are any issues that need to be addressed then you will miss out on it. If you delete me after making a profile here you may be deleted.
All profiles must have at least one friend besides the owner admin:

All profiles must have at least one friend on their friends list within a reasonable amount of time. We will give a profile 24 hours to add people. Otherwise it will be considered a dormant profile and will be removed.

No real life profiles here

All profiles here are meant for writing purposes only.

No real life profiles involving real life photos, information, names or any other personal information shall be allowed on the profile. This is for fan fiction writing and such and for role playing purposes only. Please use a avatar / face claim that is not one of your photos or any of your personal friends outside of role playing.

Number of pages here.

Writers can have up to 10 different profiles here. Groups can have the option of asking to make member pages for their group for others who will take the page later. These are considered premade pages. Otherwise, no one writer can have more than 10 profile here. If you are found with multiple pages here they could possibly deleted and the violator may face either being disabled, deleted or banned.

No duplicate or back up pages:

No duplicate or back up pages will be allowed. No pages with the same name and display face claim. It is considered a spam profile and will be deleted.


Any name that is insulting to others, over the top stupid or sexually charged where you are referring to body parts will be deleted and possibly banned. Have some common sense please and a little bit of class to you when picking a name for your profile. Violators will be deleted and those who persist in this will be banned from this site. This is a no drama, no hate, no bulling site.

All profiles must have a default face claim:

Profiles without a face claim will be considered for deletion. The time period is up the discretion of the admin or owner. No offensive defaults that break the TOS will be allowed. See the section on what is allowed and not allowed in defaults below.

Defaults that are allowed :

This is an adult role playing and writing site. Breast and backsides are safe as defaults as long as no private parts are visible. Couples in erotic embraces as long as no private parts or visible. The same applies to animated gifs. Bouncing exposed breasts are allowed.

Defaults that are not allowed and could get you deleted:

Visible private parts either male or female are not allowed in the default. Pornographic sexual images where private parts can be seen are not allowed. Same applies to animated gifs. Insertion of anything into a females vagina, ass or mouth is not allowed. Photos of abuse of children, women or men or the elderly along with abuse of pets and animals are not allowed as defaults. No gross or dismembered bodies or dead bodies will be allowed as default photos.

No child pornography or sex acts with children will be allowed:

Again this is an adult writing and role playing site. You must be 18 years old here and your character ( s) must be at least 18 years old. No underage pornography photos will be allowed even in private albums. No nude photography of any kind will be allowed if the model is under age.

Absolutely no bestiality or erotic role play with animals will be allowed:

There will absolutely be no sex with animals I.E.: dogs, horses, goats, Gorillas and the like. Supernatural and fictional characters such as were wolves, were panthers and the like that can shape shift or change appearance is allowed. But the same rule allows to private parts or insertion in the photo or acts of sex.

Any mention of sex with animals in the headline, anywhere on a profile or discussions in any public form such as the status stream or bulletins will be an automatic deleted and repeat offenders will be banned or disabled. This is one of this sites biggest no no's

Do not advertise other sites here in either the status stream or the bulletins. That is a clear violation of this sites TOS. Please be mindful that we are not here as a place to do such things. We are not here promoting others sites. We are here for this site so be mindful of this when you are here.

Photo content other than the default ( even in private albums ) and photo limits:

No photos will be allowed that break the TOS including photos of actual dead people, abuse of any kind and pornographic images involving young children and sex. At the time being there is no limit to how many photos you can have in your default album or other albums. If members start to abuse this and have huge numbers of photos then we will reconsider this and put a cap on how many photos players are allowed.

This is a drama free site.

Cyber bullying, black listing, fighting, members ganging up on another member and name calling and slander in public areas such as the status stream, blogs, photo comments and the like are not permitted here at Role Play Escape. Remember you come here to have fun and escape the stresses of real life. Please consider how the other person might feel. The GOLDEN rule applies here as it does anywhere. If you just can't get along with another member the suggestion is to give each other space, delete each other and don't speak to one another. The Owner and Admins are not here to settle disputes or take sides. Do not bring drama to the Owner or Admin's message inbox. If however evidence is presented where a TOS policy is being broken with a screen shot then the Owner will step in and an action will be decided upon and executed. The owner uses his best discretion when deleting or banning a drama violator or someone caught bullying others, slander, fighting and the like.

Do not give out personal information:

We strongly suggest that members keep their private information to themselves and do not share it. Discord names and such are okay. Just no personal information such as sharing real life photos, street addresses or phone numbers and emails. We recommend if you do want to share such information then please do so outside of this site. This is to save on a person's personal information being stolen.

No slander of this site on other sites or sharing posts, photos or anything else on here.:

What is on here, stays on here. Anyone caught breaking this rule may be considered for deletion or ban. We do not like to have to do that to anyone so please be aware of the consequences if the TOS is broken.

Face Claims:

No one owns any face here. Public figures such as models, singers, actors and the like are in the public domain. If they can be Googled then any one can use the face. However, no works of any members including but not limited to photo editing ( crops, tag removal and other works ) will be allowed. Original names, concepts, story concepts and ideas and character development can not be used by any member other than the creator of such works without the consent of the person who has created it. Protect yourself. Tag your photos.


Everyone has good and bad days. Everyone gets busy with families and jobs and moving and a whole slew of other reasons people don't reply. People get sick and stressed or burned on life so consider how the other person may be feeling and what kind of day he or she is having please. Sometimes messages do get lost. Sometimes the site and server will lose a message so before you get upset and think they are ignoring you and stop and consider what could be the issue. This should be a fun place. A place to escape real life and all its stresses and craziness. No one wants to come in here only to find more of it. So please be considered it others and what may be going on.

These terms may be updated or added to from time to time. We reserve that right in doing so to cover things that may come up later on. We will let everyone know if updates to the TOS have happened.